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Friday, July 2nd

Nairobi, Kenya

overcast 73 °F

Hi all!

I have finally arrived in Kenya and it is amazing.

We started off last night with an awesome flight to Wilson Airport. Our flight had a lot of leg room, we could stretch and we had an empty seat between us. I got to choose a movie, pause it, play it, fast forward, rewind, whatever! I watched the movie Shutter Island. It was very good and mysterious. Afterwards, we had dinner, which I did not quite enjoy. I had a veggie mix (with rice, these stringy black and green things, and this red sauce) which I finished half of, crackers, a roll, and a strawberry pie that I didn't have. I slept and woke up in the morning, missing breakfast which was yogurt and a roll.

We landed and spent a long time walking around to get to the passport area. We had to fill out long paperwork to get us the Kenya stamp. We had to wait in line for what felt like hours. Afterwards, down the escalator, we were greeted by a nice Kenyan man. While we were driving to our hotel, I spotted a giraffe in the savannah plains. The three of us arrived at a huge, beautiful hotel. The Tribe Hotel is a breathtaking hotel with small ponds, outstanding architecture, and pretty pools.

As we got checked in, we realized we were in a smoking room, so we had to switch. Not only because of that, however, because the room was too small and we could not fit our bags. We got a newer room that has an amazing shower and a nice view.

After this, we got used to the hotel and our room. Eventually, we met with a kind lady who hosted breakfast for us - bacon, sausage, eggs, omelettes, they had it all. Appareantly Grandma made a good impression, because we were immediately booked for a massage.

Before our massage, we decided to head to the Maasai Market in the large mall that is across the parking lot from our hotel. Lots of people convinced us to buy things, which we considered, but we ended up getting a Maasai spear, shield, and postcards. We got the spear and shield for 1000 shillings and the postcards (a set of 10) for 800.

My Grandma had a one and a half hour massage that brought her lots of pain, but appareantly fell good afterwards. I had a small 45 min. - hour massage that calmed me down quite well.

Earlier, before we went to dinner, we decided to watch the Brazil vs. Netherlands FIFA World Cup game. I came to watch the final 10 minutes, and it was dramatic. Tons of people were crowded watching it. Netherlands won 2 - 1, which is a huge upset because Brazil was favored to win it all.

We finally head to dinner, and we were hungry because we skipped lunch. We ate at a gyro place, where we got chicken gyros with fries. They were delicious, once dipped in some sort of dill sauce. Many Brazil fans who were watching the game at the food court looked highly dissapointed.

And that takes us to here. Tommorow, if I remember correctly, we are heading to a giraffe sanctuary, an elephant orphange, some museum, and the National Museum.

See you tommorow!

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Thursday, July 1st

London, England

sunny 75 °F

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't posted for such a long time. I've really been caught up in airplane flights and activities. Well right now, I am in London airport and getting ready to head to the boarding area.

Yesterday our plane ride was epically terrible, we had the two worst seats on the plane. One seat had no video, audio, and the light stayed on, while the other had a broken back. We got to switch though. A nice flight attendant moved us with a nice man.

But you have no idea how awesome those First Class seats are. You sit in the chair, you can press a button which turns the chair into a bed, you get to watch movies other times on demand. You can change elevation, honestly, anything. Even business class looked great.

We got some lackluster tasting chicken and rice. Yummy brownies though, and a good biscuit. I also watched the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Movie choice was alright. We got to watch one movie, that we didn't get to choose, which was lower than my expectations.

In the morning I woke up to the smell of croissants and strawberry yogurt. We had some and landed shortly in the airport. After some trouble with bags, etc. we left the airport and arrived in London after a very boring and cramped 52 minute railroad ride.

We took a double decker tour bus to a location where we got off and entered another double decker tour bus in which we rode to the London Eye area. We arrived at the Eye and got on quickly with our Fast Track pass. It was fun, we saw great views of Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace.

We also got a souvenir picture in which I look like a spaz.

We then ate at a fancy italian restaurant, where we both ordered Margherita pizzas (tomatos, mozzarella, basil leaves) because God knows the place is too fancy to have pepperoni.

We then left and saw some wicked awesome street performers doing crazy backbends and a guy levitating a table. Cool stuff.

After that, we felt tired and took a 2.5 hour double-decker bus tour around east- and west-side London. We got some pretty awesome views, as I was in the front seat.

We finally got off the bus and took another long underground ride to a location where we could board a train. The price comparison goes as follows:

Underground: 1 pound kids, 2 pounds adults, 52 minute journey, standing people, no air conditioning, cramped, luggage all over the place
Train: 12 pounds kids, 15 pounds adults, 15 minute journey, sitting people, nice air conditioning, plenty of room, organized luggage, SkyTV

I would have to say that the train is well worth the money you spend.

So now we are in the SkyLounge. I just had some really good chicken with dill sauce as well as some really poor tasting soup. This place is seriously awesome though. Free Wi-Fi, XBox, comfy chairs, newspaper, free food, free drinks.

Thank goodness we are coming here on the way back. Hopefully Kenya Airways will have better service and food than United.

So far, the only thing I have lost is 1 little blue earplug. Doing good so far!

That's it for now!

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Tuesday, June 29th

Franklin, Michigan

sunny 61 °F


I didn't post last night because I got home from our swim meet against Woodbrooke after going to Taco Bell, and then we watched the Bachelorette and it was too late for me to post.

Yesterday morning I did swimming as usual (except we had bagel) and then just hung out at home for a bit. We had to go to our swim meet and I was events #2 (backstroke) and #22 (IM) and Ian was #10 (butterfly) and #20 (breaststroke).

I got 1st in backstroke and 3rd in IM, and Ian got 4th in butterfly and 2nd in breaststroke. Then we got Taco Bell and came home. We watched the Bachelorette which was really good. Then I went to bed.

This morning I watched True Beauty and then CSI: Miami and then I came over here. To type.

Bye! 1 day left until Africa!

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Monday, June 28th

Frankin, Michigan

semi-overcast 84 °F


That is the link. Download it and open it up in a PDF and you can view my trip itinerary (not including London).


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Sunday, June 27th

Franklin, Michigan

sunny 79 °F


I've only got three days left until we take off to Africa. Well, my events today were relatively lazy, as I forgot that swimming was on Monday.


We were hanging out at my house the whole day, except for the lightning tornado storm. Then we took Ryley, Ladybell, Smokie, Ian, my mom and me downstairs and we hung out in a small room for like an hour.


I know what you're thinking.

Afterwards, we decided to pass up the ping-pong tournament because we wanted to just chill and get ready for our meet tommorow.

Oh, and we had Domino's tonight. :) They got our order wrong. :(

See yah!

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Saturday, June 26th

Franklin, Michigan

sunny 81 °F

Hi all!

I am at home again. I just got home from a tiring bike ride with our dog that we are babysitting (Ryley the Burnese Mountain Dog).

Well, today I had our normal 1 and a half hour swim practice at 9:00 to 10:30, then I came home and chilled for a while, killed some zombies and demons, then went back to Woodside for a ping-pong tournament.

I was playing against some 11 year old named Kyle in the first round. It was best 2 out of 3 and first to 21. I lost both game 23 - 21. It was close!

In the evening I head to my great grandpa's nursery home (he is 98 years old) and we hung out there for a bit, then my grandma took me to McDonalds and I got an M&M McFlurry... then we went home and walked the dog.

Tommorow I should be heading to the WAC again to compete in the runner up ping-pong bracket. We also have an away swim meet against Woodbrooke (we should win).

See ya'll tommorow!

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Friday, June 25th

Franklin, Michigan

semi-overcast 74 °F

Hi! This is my first post and I am coming to you from my house. YAWN! I'm tired. I've got to get a lot of sleep before my big trip.

I have swimming tommorow morning from 8 to 9:30, so after that I think I will just sit in my room and hang out for a while.

Most of my stuff is all packed up, my clothes are all bagged, my medicine (including these Jolly Rancher sized blue diarrhea tablets) and my whatever else there is is pretty close to being all done.

I'm tired, earlier today I practiced football with a bunch of Groves high schoolers for two and a half hours, then came home, hung out, then swam for like an hour in our pool.

Well, see you tommorow!

- Griffin

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